Sprinkle a bit of MAGiC

Buy gift vouchers to pay for the actual wedding ceremony. Accepted by MAGiC wedding providers world-wide

"Ooh, what a great idea!" (Couple at wedding show Jan 17)

Why use Gift Cards?

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Couples........Why Sprinkle a bit of MAGiC?


How does MAGiC work?

If you're getting married then you can register for MAGiC. 

1. Register via the button below and tell us where you'd like to get married. 

2. We will then tell you if we have MAGiC providers there and give you a registration number

3. We will also recommend which of our suppliers match your wedding requirements, and send you a list of all our MAGiC providers

4. You share this website and your registration number with your guests and ask them to buy you some MAGiC

5. You enquire and book directly with your chosen wedding provider

6. When your wedding provider needs to be paid we will then pay them the amount of MAGiC you have

7. You then pay the balance of the wedding cost directly to the wedding provider

Register for MAGiC


Reasons to Sprinkle a bit of MAGiC

- You'll have a bigger budget to spend on your wedding 

- You won't accidentally spend the money on your household bills

- We'll help you find a wedding provider who can arrange everything for you

- Wide choice of wedding providers who accept MAGiC

- Extra gifts from us!


Refer a friend bonus

If you like MAGiC then why not recommend us to your friends?

We're currently giving you an extra £50 of MAGiC to join, and we'll also give your friends the same deal if you recommend them! 

(We'll also give you a gift for recommending us.)

 When you have recommended us to:

1 friend
- We'll send you a bag of petal confetti

3 friends
- We'll send you a fitness tracker band

6 friends
- We'll send you a bride travel dress box

Just share this website with them and make sure they tell us your name when they join. 

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