8 ways to streamline your wedding planning

1. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple (stupid!). Planning a simple wedding is much easier than a complicated one. And by simple we mean do what you want, not what other people want. If you stick to your guns and plan the type of wedding you want then things will fall into place much more easily.

2. Have a short engagement. 1 year is plenty of time to plan a wedding - if you take 2 or 3 years then there's more time for things to go wrong/change.

3. Use Pinterest/Instagram to save ideas. Start your own wedding board on Pinterest so you can pin ideas to it, and on Instagram you can click the Save button to save photos to find later. These visual channels can really help you decide on the type of wedding you'd like and give you some brilliant ideas.

couple walking down aisle     wedding birdcage

4. Get married mid-week or on a Friday. It's much easier to find a wedding venue if you don't look for a Saturday or Sunday between May-September. And often it's cheaper too, bonus!

5. Get a Wedding Box each month to help you decide what suppliers to use for your wedding (ours is great, obviously!). It's a wonderful way to plan your wedding without having to trawl through tons of websites asking suppliers for info.

6. Instead of asking for gifts, ask your guests to contribute to a honeymoon gift list instead. It's simple, you don't need to keep track of who's bought you what, and you get to enjoy an even better honeymoon than you might have imagined. (Get 30% off your gift list via the link above)

7. Wedding insurance. It's an easy thing to forget, but taking out wedding insurance can really help if anything goes wrong. Just make sure you check the small print, as many insurance companies don't cover you if you use a wedding planner.

8. Ask your groom to help. Often it's the bride who plans the whole wedding, with the groom just happy to hire a suit and show up on the day. But sharing the planning is a much better way to streamline your planning. When you start your planning, make a checklist of who is going to do what, with deadlines. This means you're both involved in your own wedding, but you also have structure as to what to do (p.s. this won't work for Bridezillas!).

These are just some ideas to make your wedding planning run smoothly, and turn your wedding into the best day ever.