How a wedding box can help de-stress your wedding planning

So you're engaged and ready to start planning your wedding to the love of your life. You may be thinking "where do I start"? Depending on the type of wedding you're dreaming of, it can be stressful trying to think of everything you might need for your wedding day, let alone finding the time to search for the ideal items you may wish to buy each evening when you get home from work.

This is where a wedding box subscription comes into its own. Instead of spending your lunch hours and evenings searching the internet, let the wedding samples come to you!

For less than the cost of a coffee + muffin each week you can receive a box of inspiration every month filled with samples of things that you may not have even thought of for your wedding. And best of all, you get to touch, smell, and even eat some of the samples. What's not to love?!

We curate samples mainly from independent companies who you may not find straight away online. Many of our featured companies hand make the items included in the MAGiC box, and often they can customise their product to your specific requirements, which makes your wedding truly unique.

The box also makes a wonderful gift for the bride to be, so mothers/grooms/friends why not buy the bride a box subscription and help her to plan her wedding without having to actually lift a finger yourself?!

Or, as one of our reviewers said, "it's basically Pinterest by post, but even better because you get actual samples in every box". 

Why buy?
- Gives you ideas for your wedding from reputable companies
- Touch, use, smell, eat the samples so you can see the quality
- Less than the cost of a weekly coffee + muffin