How far ahead of your Wedding to order Handmade Veils and Accessories

Susan Pang designs gorgeous wedding dresses, veils and accessories. Here we ask her how she came to be designing such lovely items and how far ahead of your wedding you should order your veil. 

Susan pang    Susan Pang

How did you end up doing what you do?
When i graduated I based my collection on occasional wear and during that time I started to notice and realise where my passion was. Which is bridal and accessories, and I will also launch flower girl dresses in the coming year

What's the best part about your job?
The bride . A privilege and an absolute honour to take part of their journey with joy and with excitement for their wedding day. The passion that strives me to do what I do currently is to make and design what they want, and for them to be pleased with my handcrafted work. The process of producing the garment or veil is very exciting and joyful.

What's your most popular type of wedding product?
My veils. From plain tulle veils to scattered lace designs to sparkly diamonte and pearl designs - pure silk edged finished veils and even more extravagant, organza veils that is absolutely beautiful . The success of my dresses has spread via my friends and family members who have often made recommendations to others.

What advice would you give couples wanting to order your products? 
Regardless if you would like a chapelle veil or a simple nylon / silk tulle veil, a short veil or a scollop edging veil; the process can be as short as 1 week if its urgent or normal process time can take up to 1 month. Depending on your style and length