How this Confetti company started scattering petals UK-wide

Confetti comes in such a lovely variety of options these days, so we asked Beki from Confetti Cones how she ended up in the flower business. 

confetti cones    confetti cones

1. How did you end up doing what you do?
By pure “Magic” Amongst many previous jobs as a visual merchandiser and working within the wedding industry I one day designed a personalised confetti cone and used it for my very own wedding, a lot of people commented on them and I just thought, why not? So I dedicated a lot of time to cones and they became my passion, over the years I then grew the business and we added more designs and biodegradable petals and ta da, The confetti Cone Company was a fully-grown business!

2. What's the best part about your job?
That everyday is unpredictable, we never know what orders we are going to get or from who, one day we can be designing for someone in the next village and the next minute we are designing for Claridges Hotel, I love the madness and unpredictable side, this and any business can change in a second if you believe in it and yourself.

3. What's the most unusual wedding you've worked on?
Ohhh many, to many to mention, I did have to design a cone using Superman and Wonder woman last week, it was an experience that’s for sure lol!

4. What's your most popular type of wedding product?
Our confetti envelopes are by far the most popular followed by our wands and Boho range.

5. What advice would you give couples wanting to order your products?
You can place your order whenever you like to suite you (maybe avoid 2 weeks before) We have a large pre order file so any order placed well in advance get moved to here and then we email the couple again at 4 weeks before to reconfirm everything. Our larkspur petals are great for 12 months so are fine to buy in advance, our roses and hydrangeas are better around 4 weeks before as these can fade in colour if bought too early.

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