How to decide on your Wedding Stationery

Laura Henderson's wonderful stationery designs feature in MAGiC boxes, here she tells us how she got into the design business. 

Laura Henderson    Laura Henderson

How did you end up doing what you do?
I’m an illustrator, and when I got married, I made my own stationery. It seemed the natural thing to see if other people wanted something like what I’d made for myself, since there wasn’t much like it around.

What's the best part about your job?
Getting to sit and draw - there’s very little better to me than drawing something from scratch.

What's the most unusual wedding you've worked on?
Probably a lovely traditional country wedding, but where the couple wanted zombies coming out of the church on all of the stationery! But a lot of what I do is unusual - I’ve drawn everything from zebras to lego men on people’s stationery!

What's your most popular type of wedding product?
Definitely invitations - everyone needs to invite their guests to their wedding!

What advice would you give couples wanting to order your products?
I’d say think about what makes you unique as a couple, and make your stationery about that - but don’t overthink it - if you give me a list, I can turn it into something really special and personal for you!