Jo tells us about the most unusual Wedding Cake she's made

Jo from Iced and Spliced makes delicious and spectacular wedding cakes, and is an inspired wedding venue stylist as well. Here are some of her top tips when deciding on a wedding cake.

wedding cake    wedding cake

How did you end up doing what you do?
All came about due to the purchase of a magazine about baking….. 25 years ago

What's the best part about your job?
Working with so many lovely couples who need guidance in the big world of weddings

What's the most unusual wedding you've worked on?
Recently a Narnia inspired one, which was fabulous, but the strangest have to be the football inspired weddings. I’ve made a reveal cake featuring Rammy of Derby County in 2017….weird!

What's your most popular type of wedding product?
At the moment, anything in Blush or with sparkles… or both together!

What advice would you give couples wanting to order your products? 
We make our cakes from scratch ourselves, so have to limit the cake commissions per weekend, so sooner rather than later is best.

That pretty much covers the other services too to be honest due to logistics.
It’s best to secure the people you want to work with as soon as you realise that ‘they’re the one’ for you!