Tips on how to choose a wedding dress

Wedding dress shopping is such a personal thing, and often you'll just find "the one" when you're not really looking. But here are some tips to think about when you're planning your shopping trip.  

How to choose a wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is obviously a very personal decision, but there are some things you may wish to think about before deciding on the dress of your dreams.

The first thing is to decide on the colour - now most brides do still choose white, but more are deciding that they'd like to get married in a non-white dress instead. Wedding dress designers do offer dresses in many other colours, with pastel colours growing in popularity, and even black dresses becoming a new trend!

Once you have decided on the colour of your dress then you can coordinate the bridesmaids dresses to complement yours.

Next, have a think about when and where you're getting married. If you are having a summer wedding then don't choose a dress which is too heavy. Many traditional wedding dresses with lots of beading and a full skirt can be really hot, and if you're wearing a heavy, hot dress in the height of summer then you may not look like a serene bride - you really don't want to be sweating and bright red on your wedding day!

Likewise, if you're marrying in winter then think about a dress which covers you up and keeps you warm. You don't want to be shivering or have goose bumps as you walk down the aisle! Fake fur wraps are a good way to cover your arms during outside photos or on your journey to the wedding venue and reception.

Another consideration is budget - many brides splurge and buy a designer dress, but many others either buy an off the peg number from a high street bridal store, a department store, or even a charity shop (Oxfam have specific bridal shops in certain locations) . There are plenty of excellent dresses available on the high street for not much money, and your guests don't need to know how much you spent on the dress. As long as it suits you and makes you feel a million dollars then the actual cost can be a secret.

However, if you do go for a pricier option, then think about whether you may want to wear it again. Many dresses can be altered so you could wear them after your wedding - they could be taken up or dyed so you can get more use out of them, or you could even give your dress to charity and help someone else enjoy it.