Monthly Wedding Box (with FREE P&P!)

Monthly Wedding Box (with FREE P&P!)

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A box of wedding goodies sent to you each month. Full of samples of actual things you may need for your wedding, along with useful information and beauty/pamper samples. 

MAGiC is a wonderful way to enjoy your wedding planning, after all, who doesn't like a box of nice things sent to them each month?! Enjoy opening your box with a glass of wine (or cup of tea) and touch, smell, feel (and maybe eat) the items inside - each month your box will have a different selection of items in, so it's a magical surprise to open.

"It's basically Pinterest by post, but even better because you get actual samples in every box", says

This is a monthly payment of £14.95 per month, which will continue for 12 months (but you can cancel at any time). Your MAGiC box will be sent to you on the 1st of each month, so it makes a great start to each month of wedding planning.

With free postage and packing, the box should fit through your door, so no more going to the post office or waiting in for a courier.